"We need it easier for countries to get the support they need so that no one is left behind", Minister Asim
Minister Asim hosts luncheon for the Permanent Representatives of the Caribbean countries
"Consideration of the long term development objectives are crucial for sustaining peace, and ensuring a more prosperous future for all", Minister Asim
Minister Asim meets with several Permanent Representatives to the United Nations
Minister Asim conducts bilateral meetings with Permanent Representatives in New York
Minister Asim hosts luncheon for Permanent Representatives
Minister Asim meets with Permanent Representatives of several countries in New York
"A Vote for the Maldives is a Vote for Hope" Minister Asim
The Security Council should focus on a more holistic approach to conflict resolution, Minister Asim
General Assembly to adopt Resolution on Status of Jerusalem
"When elected to the Security Council, the Maldives will build a reservoir of hope, of trust, of credibility": says Maldives Ambassador at the UN General Assembly
The Maldives emphasizes on the need to be objective and accurate in compiling UN Reports
Maldives reiterates its commitment to fight terrorism
"Inclusivity is the cornerstone of my Government's social development policies"- Permanent Representative at the UNGA Third Committee
Maldives underlines importance of partnerships, investment, innovation and resilience building at the General Debate of the Second Committee