The Maldives welcomes the recent Resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council on Palestine and Syria
The Maldives delegation engaged actively as the 71st session of the UNGA comes to a close
The Maldives calls upon all nations to collectively share the responsibility of protecting the oceans
Maldives stresses on the importance of political compromise and productive engagement of the international community to resolve the conflicts in the Middle East
The Maldives raises concerns on the use of disproportionate and deadly force against Palestinian children
The Maldives highlights the vulnerability of Small Island States in relation to Water Security
Maldives stresses on the need for continued support and cooperation of international community for Afghanistan
The Maldives underlines that relevant principles of international humanitarian and international law must become an integral part of national training for peacekeepers.
The Maldives urges membership of the Security Council should come from both developing and developed countries including small states
Maldives calls for a formal support mechanism to enable participation of SIDS in the Human Rights Council
Maldives urges the Human Rights Council to adopt a more pro-active role in addressing the human rights violations and atrocities committed against women, men and children in Aleppo and Palestine
Maldives shares experiences from 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami on World Tsunami Awareness Day 2016
Maldives to continue as Chair of Alliance of Small Island States for 2017-2018
The Maldives emphasises the importance of unique political, economic and social circumstance of host countries in the operation of Special Political Missions
“International cooperation is the most important mechanism to counter terrorism and violent extremism” – Foreign Minister Asim