No society can sustain peace, nor can it realise peace dividends, unless women are involved in making decisions on peace-making and post-conflict reconstruction and rehabilitation.
“As responsible members of the international community, all States, especially the key players in the conflict, must uphold the latter and spirit of the Security Council Resolutions”
The United Nations needs to assume greater leadership in unifying our collective efforts, to ensure that everyone has a fair share of the benefits of development
The 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly commences
Mediation, as a tool of pacific settlement of disputes, will be effective only if the mediators and the mediation process is objective, inclusive, and most importantly, impartial
The Maldives Establishes Diplomatic Relations with Ethiopia
The Maldives Speaks at the Security Council Debate on “Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Understanding and Addressing Climate Related Security Risks”
Maldives and Equatorial Guinea establish diplomatic relations
Maldives Mission hosts "Haveeru Sai" at the United Nations
Maldives calls for efficient cross-pillar coordination in peacebuilding efforts
Minister Asim meets with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Gambia
Minister Asim meets with the League of Arab States
Minister Asim meets with the Pacific Small Island Developing States
Minister Asim calls on the President of the Central African Republic
Minister Asim met with the Foreign Minister of Turkey