As with many developing nations, Maldives enjoys a young population which is set to exceed 400,000 people this year, making it the 27th smallest nation by population (out of 194 states). With the median age being around 25 years old, there is a growing need for greater job creation amongst youth together with more youth centric programs.

Over the recent decades there has been a growing trend towards urbanization, with almost a third of the population now located in the country's capital – Malé. In fact, the city has become one of the world's most densely populated areas. This has led to issues of congestion, and reduced the general quality of life for the average citizen.

In education, Maldives has led South Asia achieving universal primary and lower secondary education comprising of one of the best education systems in the region. The nation has also made significant progress in other social areas, having consistently improved maternal health, the nation has been vigilant about combatting diseases.