25 January 2018, New York Maldives Minister of Foreign Affairs asked the Security Council to focus on a more holistic approach to conflict resolution. Speaking at the United Nations Quarterly Debate on the situation in the Middle East, including the Question of Palestine, Minister Asim presented his views on the need to focus on sustaining peace, maintaining stability and security. To do so, he said, a key approach would be to focus on State building in peacekeeping and peace building efforts. "State failure has the potential to derail any peace process", he said. And in order to do so, the Security Council should look at the wide plethora of tools available across the United Nations system, and not just military options. Minister Asim also expressed concern about the situation in Palestine, especially with recent developments on the status of Jerusalem. The Minister called on Israel to fully implement the decisions of the Security Council, and respect the legal obligations under the United Nations Charter. On Syria, the Minister noted the need to sustain the positive momentum with the all-Syria congress to be convened at the end of the month.