23 March 2018, New York,Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohamed Asim highlighted the need to focus on accessing finances, especially for large-scale projects, to ensure that countries graduating from the UN category of Least Developed Countries are not left behind. Speaking at a Breakfast Event titled "Leave No One Behind - Addressing the Graduation Gap", the Minister further outlined the challenges that the Maldives had faced and continues to face, in accessing financing for large scale infrastructure projects, which is needed to reach higher levels of development. He also spoke about the inadequacy of the current graduation index to measure Economic Vulnerability, especially in the context of climate change. "The fact that none of the graduated countries have met the EVI is perhaps an indication of a re-think of the EVI itself, or a different consideration, including additional criteria as suggested by the CDP this year", the Minister stated. The Permanent Representation of Bhutan Ms Doma Tshering, also spoke at the event, highlighting the preparations in place for the smooth transition and graduation of Bhutan from the LDC category. Bhutan was recommended for graduation by the Committee on Development Policy during this year's review. Additionally, the Director of the Office of the High Representative for the LDCS, LLDCs and SIDS, Ms Heidi Schroderus-Fox spoke about the various support measures that currently existed for graduating LDCs, and how concerns of graduating countries may be addressed. The Senior Economic Affairs Officer from the Secretariat of the Committee for Development Policy Mr Matthias Bruckner, also spoke about the graduation and post-graduation process and how the CDP makes its evaluations. The event was attended by Member States and representatives of the UN system. The event was organised by the Permanent Mission of Maldives to the UN, and the UN Foundation. ENDS