“No sustainable development without gender equality,” says Maldives
Maldives condemns acts of terrorism and asserts not to associate terrorism with any religion or culture
Maldives calls for international cooperation to halt transnational crimes before they reach its shores
Maldives cautions the need for stockpiles of the most destructive weapons
Democracy cannot be forced in the pages of law, rather need to be instilled in the peoples’ hearts and minds, says Maldives
Maldives calls for a people-centred development agenda, inclusive of both young and the ageing
Maldives committed to the implementation of ICPD Program of Action
The Second Committee's work during this year takes place "on the cusp of many decisions that will act as guardrails for our common path through the Anthropocene" says Maldives
“Maldives has taken the lead in showing to the world that small states are not only viable, but valuable” Former President Waheed
Former President Mohamed Waheed Calls on United Nations Secretary General
Maldives reaffirms its commitment to the principles of the Group of 77
Maldives calls on Muslim Leaders to let Islamic values and cooperation be a shining light in our path to fulfillment
Maldives hosts an Informal Meeting of the SAARC Council of Ministers in New York
Minister Dunya participates at the Thirteenth Commonwealth Foreign Affairs Ministers Meeting
“Have you kept your promises”, Minister Dunya asks world leaders