Statement delivered by the Republic of Maldives at the Fourth Committee

Agenda Item 56: Peacekeeping Operations


United Nations, New York, 05 November 2015



Thank you Chair,

As this is the first time my delegation takes the floor at this Committee, I wish to offer our sincere congratulations on your election to preside over the work of this Committee during this Session. We look forward to continuing to work with you and the Bureau, towards ensuring a successful and productive session. Let me also thank the Secretary-General for the report submitted under this agenda item.

My delegation welcomes the findings of the high-level independent panel and the Secretary-General’s subsequent response to those recommendations. There is always room for us, as a global community to do better, and to aspire to reach the highest standards when it comes to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable and destitute.

Mr Chair,

The Maldives offers its sincere thanks to the nations and peoples who have volunteered themselves to bringing meaningful change to the lives of those affected by conflict and strife. Peacekeepers operate in the most extreme circumstances, at times giving their final measure in the name of peace. We honour the sacrifices made by these brave women and men, and express our whole hearted condemnation of attacks perpetrated against them. Peacekeepers have earned a place in our collective history as a force for good in a world plagued by hardship. And yet, it is a growing reality that the global dynamics of peacekeeping have changed.

No longer are blue helmets merely a barrier between waring fractions, nor do they continue to have singular mandates. Today, their jobs are more complex, the dangers they face are more diverse, and what the world demands has more dimensions. The mandate of peacekeepers has expanded to ensure the provision of humanitarian aid, the execution of disarmament, the demobilization of combatants, the organizing of elections, the monitoring of sanctions, and the vigilant protection of civilians. Among others, these functions illustrate the new role of the United Nation’s frontline in the execution of its most primary mandate.

Mr Chair,

In this noble mission, Small Island Developing States are among the largest Troop Contributing Countries relative to population size. However, enabling capabilities remain a challenge for many developing nations. We have significant institutional and physical hurdles when it comes to the provision of capacity and expertise with regards to preparing and sending contingents. Following the Maldives commitment to engage more productively in its contribution to the fulfilment of the United Nation’s global mandate, the Maldives is in the process of preparing its very first contingent for deployment under the UN flag but due to technical difficulties and capacity/capability issues, we have not been able to meet the target deadline this year. In the preparation of our troops, the Maldives is particularly thankful to our Asian neighbout  Malaysia,  for extending their support and training .

Mr Chair,

We are cognisant of the heavy responsibility placed upon this organization in the pursuit of peace. We strongly believe that Peacekeeping operations play a central role to the mandate of this organization. Every Member State has an obligation to ensure the fulfilment of this mandate, carried forward in a manner that honours the full aspirations of the UN Charter, aspiring to the highest standards and practices. With a modest beginning, the Maldives looks forward to join the noble cause at the near future.

Thank you Mr. Chair.