Statement delivered by

Ambassador Ahmed Sareer, Permanent Representative of Maldives to the United Nations

on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS)

at the Hand-over Ceremony of the Chairmanship of the Group of 77


13 January 2015

Mr. Chair,


It is a great honour for the Maldives to speak as the Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), a group of small islands and coastal communities. AOSIS has long worked in the trenches, alongside the rest of the developing world on numerous issues, especially sustainable development and climate change.  We deeply value our solidarity and close relationship with the Group of 77.


It is with great pleasure that I personally extend our gratitude to Ambassador Sacha Sergio Llorenty Soliz and his dedicated team for their tireless and highly effective leadership during Bolivia’s term as Chair. On Bolivia’s watch, we were able to weather one of the most challenging periods for developing countries in the sustainable development and climate change negotiations and thanks to its diligence we are well positioned to make great strides on both the road to Paris and in the Post-2015 development agenda. Gracias por su trabajo excelente.


We had ofcourse, hoped to convey our appreciation for Bolivia’s exceptional work during the formal handover meeting that was held last week, in the gracious presence of His Excellency President Evo Morales. However, we were disappointed that AOSIS did not get an opportunity to do so. We hope that in the future, the forty-four countries of AOSIS would get the opportunity to deliver its views, as a group, ahead of the individual statements, as has been the established norm in such occasions.


AOSIS is pleased to acknowledge that the torch has been passed to a very capable Chair, in South Africa, with a team of skilled diplomats known around the world for their creative thinking and genuine commitment to problem solving. For certain, it was their talent and tenacity that held the climate change talks together, against all odds, back in Durban and I am certain that we will see the same dedication as we continue to work together in solidarity over the coming year.


Mr. Chair, please accept our sincere congratulations and well wishes, on assuming the Chair of G77. You can be assured of the full support of AOSIS, as we begin our work.


Thank you.