Sixth Committee
Report of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and Strengthening the Role of the Organization
H E Dr Ali Naseer Mohamed, Permanent Representative

12 October 2018, New York


Thank you, Mr Chair,

The Maldives associates itself with the statement delivered by the Bolivarian Republic of Iran on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement. Let me begin by thanking Ambassador Omar Hilale, the Chair of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on Strengthening of the Role of the Organization, and take note of the Report of the meeting of the Special Committee in February this year.

The Maldives recognizes the important role that the Special Committee plays in the clarification and interpretation of the UN Charter, which feeds in to the ongoing efforts aimed at strengthening the UN system through revitalization and reform, and streamlining the functioning of the various organs of the UN. We also emphasise on the need for the Committee to fully implement the decision on working methods which was adopted in 2006.

The Maldives wishes to highlight three important issues which are being considered in the work of the Special Committee.

First, the Maldives reaffirms its support for the peaceful settlements of all disputes, recognizing that negotiations and dialogue should be the primary method for resolving international disputes. We welcome the first annual thematic debate for the settlement of disputes which took place in the Committee, and take note of the important views expressed regarding the importance of preventative diplomacy, conflict prevention, and the respect for human rights. We also look forward to the next thematic debate on the exchange of information on State practices regarding the use of mediation, as this will provide an avenue for further discussions on this topic.

Second, my Delegation reiterates that the UN reform process should proceed in a manner that is consistent with the principles and procedures set out in the UN Charter. In this regard, we wish to highlight the importance of respecting the mandate and authority of the General Assembly, which is the most universal body in the international system, that symbolises the sovereign equality principle enshrined in the Charter, and to ensure that we do nothing, that would in any way, compromises the functions of the Assembly. At the same time, we also emphasise the need for the Security Council to be more representative of Member States. The current structure and practice of electing members to the Council severely disadvantages the small islands developing States, such as the Maldives. There is a significant need, therefore, to ensure that sufficient space exists for the SIDS to contribute to the process of decision making on international peace and security.

Third, my Delegation wishes to highlight that any sanctions being imposed by the UN should also be in conformity with the principles that underpin the UN Charter. The implications of these sanctions should be carefully considered, they must be tailored in an impartial and non-selective manner, and must be applied transparently. Similarly, the Maldives also rejects any unilateral sanctions, as we believe this is a flagrant violation of international law.

Mr Chairman,

The Charter of the United Nations is the lynchpin which maintains international relations, world order, and peace and security. Therefore, the Maldives supports the valuable work that the Special Committee undertakes on the Charter of the UN taking into account the significant achievements that have materialized through its efforts to date.

I thank you.