Statement by 

Ms. Lauza Ali, Counsellor 

At the Plenary on the Agenda item 33: Question of Palestine 

30 November 2022 

Thank you, Mr President,  

My delegation wishes to express its sincere gratitude to the United Nations Secretary-General for his comprehensive report on the agenda item “Question of Palestine” and for his efforts to resolve this long standing conflict. The report reflects the unprecedented impact of a discriminatory system on the People of Palestine for over seven decades, including the failure of the international community to hold Israel accountable for the blatant violation of international law and international humanitarian law 

Mr. President  

As we continue to work tirelessly to find common solutions for our common problems, we must not ignore the decades-long suffering of the Palestinian people. It is to date, the longest unresolved issue on our agenda.  

In 2015, we made the collective commitment to leave no country behind. And indeed, the Palestinian People must not be left behind. They must be free to determine their future and their destiny. But, the Palestinians continue to be denied the basic rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

While we are gathered here to deliberate, illegal settlement expansion continues, in violation of Security Council resolution 2334, international humanitarian law and several General Assembly resolutions. Displacement of Palestinian families continue, including that of women, children, and the elderly. The blockade of the Gaza strip continues. Excessive Occupation is no longer acceptable.  

We call on the international community to do more to end the unlawful and illegal blockade on Gaza, and to end all illegal activities in Gaza, and to assist Palestinian people. The international community must ensure that the human rights of the Palestinian people are realised.  

We are deeply concerned that despite decades of efforts by the international community, including the efforts of the United Nations, the Palestinian people are yet to see justice. The people of Palestine have become stateless in their own lands.  We call on the United Nations member states to support the inalienable rights of the Palestinians, and recognise Palestine as an independent State. We reiterate our firm support for the full recognition of the Palestinian State as a member of the United Nations. 

Mr. President,  

Today, over five million Palestinians refugees are eligible for services from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. The staff of UNRWA work tirelessly to provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinians, and we commend them for their commitment and determination.  

At the same time, we are deeply concerned over the funding difficulties being faced by UNRWA. This will have lasting impact on the Palestinian refugees. We urge the international community to support provision of further funding for UNRWA.  

Mr. President  

The Maldives has always supported the establishment of an independent and sovereign State of Palestine, based on the  pre 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, living side-by-side in peace and prosperity, as the best solution to this crisis.  The Government and people of the Maldives will continue to stand firmly and resolutely with the Palestinian people.   

I thank you, Mr. President