Third Committee

Agenda Item 73(b): Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

Intervention by the Republic of Maldives to the Report by the Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Intervention by:

Zeena Mohamed Didi, Second Secretary

United Nations, New York, 28 October 2015


Thank you Mr. Chairman,


The Maldives delegation takes note of the reports submitted by the Secretary General and the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran.  We also take note of the assessments and recommendations contained within the reports.


My delegation echoes the sentiments of other delegations in welcoming the historic deal between Iran and international partners on Iran’s nuclear programme. The pact creates a conducive atmosphere to build confidence and trust to further security and stability in the region. We also encourage Iran to work with its international partners to lift economic sanctions, which is critical for the promotion and protection of human rights in Iran.  We would like to inquire the Special Rapporteur, whether Iran’s recent cooperation with its international partners has linkages to deepen substantive interaction with human rights mechanism and to improve government-society relations and to promote and protect human rights in Iran.


The Maldivian delegation takes positive note that the Government of Iran has constructively engaged with United Nations treaty bodies and with the working group during the second cycle of its Universal Periodic Review. The Maldives further encourages Iran to continue with the engagement with UN mandate holders in creating a dialogue for improving the human rights conditions where questions are raised, such as some concerns raised on harsh penalties for crimes committed by children and the process that has begun for the enactment of specific legislation that might hinder the rights of women and girls. The Maldives hopes that the Government of Iran would ensure that more safeguards and protection are guaranteed for women and children and other vulnerable groups in the society.


The Government of Maldives welcomes the Iran’s invitation to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to visit the country, and encourages the Government of Iran to cooperate fully with the Office and the mechanisms established, including the Special Rapporteur.


Thank you!