Statement by Ms. Shiruzimath Sameer, Representative of the Maldives Delegation to the United Nations General Assembly 69th Session,

Comprehensive Review of the Special Political Missions

Mr Chairman,

My delegation is grateful to the Secretary General for the reports submitted under this agenda item and welcomes the recommendations contained therein.

Mr Chairman,

The Maldives prioritises prevention of conflict and therefore appreciates the unique role that special political missions could have on diffusing tension and promoting reconciliation and peace.

While the Maldives supports the recommendations of the Secretary-General, it wishes to highlight the following observations with regards to the special political missions:

(a) The objectives, mandates, and expected outcomes of these missions should be made absolutely clear, before a mission is approved. The Department of Political Affairs in the Secretariat should not be allowed to use special political mission as an instrument to interfere in, and attempt to shape order in domestic politics of member States. The terms of references for any political mission have to be consulted with, and approved by, the member State that receives the mission.
(b) The Maldives believes that special political missions should not be allowed to impose policy prescriptions on member States. They must work with Governments to develop a common agenda that is tailor-made, flexible and context-specific.
(c) It is important that public discussion of the work of the special political missions is conducted in a responsible manner without undermining the objectives of the mandate of these missions.
(d) The main emphasis of the special political missions must be to build confidence among all stakeholders, and avoid any activity that could in any way contribute to undermine it.

Mr Chairman,

The Maldives believes that special political missions can play a vital role in peace-building, especially in post-conflict peace-making. But it should not be allowed to be used as an instrument to influence democratic political outcomes, and or promoting the national interests of a specific group of member States. Our delegation is willing to work together with all other members of this Committee in order to sustain this goal.

Thank you.