Thank you Mr. Co-Chair,

The Maldives welcomes the focus area on climate change, and takes note of the targets mentioned under this section. From all the nations that could be considered most vulnerable to climate change, the Maldives has the distinction of being among the most extreme examples of this vulnerability. My nation, however, is determined to do whatever we can to address the issues of climate change. We are determined to embody the change we seek in the world around us.

For decades our communities have regarded that development and awareness of climate change go hand in hand. We are in the process of implementing a low carbon economy, while having fused adaptation and poverty reduction programs. Unfortunately, resilience and adaptation to the present and worsening challenges imposed by climate change consumes 35% of our GDP.

The recent 5th Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change lays bare, in a consensus scientific text, that global situation with regards to climate change is worsening, and as such – the Maldives welcomes Climate Change remaining a focus area within this OWG process. Climate Change should remain a focus area till the Goals are elaborated, and once elaborated, we believe it should become a cross cutting theme across all goals. Targets explicitly relating to climate change should be included for all goals.

Concerning target (a) my delegation proposes to amend the target to read as follows “Increase the ambition globally to keep a temperature rise below 1.5/ 2 degrees in accordance with the international agreements”

We also believe that currents targets need to include provisions of sustainable sources of finance for both climate change adaptation and mitigation.

In order for the Maldives and other low-lying SIDS to see another generation, it is imperative a target on mitigation is clearly elaborated. One that keeps every Member State bound to hold the increase in the average global temperature at 1.5 degrees Celsius. The Maldives already faces the effects of costal erosion, coral bleaching, ocean acidification, and changing weather patterns. If we do not reach this target, the science shows that extreme whether events will increase, that the sea level will rise, that the foundation of the Maldives – economically, socially, and literally, may erode within the century.

Thank You.