24 January 2019, New York

The Maldives today called on Israel to fully implement the Resolutions of the Security Council and respect the legal obligations under the United Nations Charter. The Deputy Permanent Representative made the remarks in her statement at the UN Security Council open debate on “the situation in the Middle East, including the Question of Palestine” held at the UN Headquarters in New York. The Deputy Permanent Representative of the Maldives also urged, the Security Council and the entire UN membership to redouble its efforts, to end the conflict, to bring meaningful and lasting peace to the people of Palestine, as well as Israel.

Maldives expressed disappointment over inaction, especially on countries ignoring Council’s own Resolutions. ‘The conflict in Palestine has been going on for seven decades, despite the numerous discussions, debates, and Resolutions passed at the UN, including those adopted by this Council’ she said.  

On Syria, the Deputy Permanent Representative, while also nothing the recent discussions including Brussels Conference on supporting the future of Syria and the region, said that the international community must do more, to reinvigorate talks to reach a peaceful settlement conflict in Syria. On Yemen, the Maldives supported the UN mediated ceasefire agreement and the Council’s decision to establish a special political Mission to support its implementation. Speaking on the conflicts in Syria and Yemen, Maldives also highlighted the need for the international community to come together, on a global solution to tackle the threat of terrorism.