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Statement by the Maldives on behalf of AOSIS at the ECOSOC Operational Activities Segment - Panel 2


Statement by the Republic of Maldives

on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States

ECOSOC Operational Activities Segment

22 February 2016

Panel 2: Dialogue with Heads of UN Funds and Programmes

Panel 2: Dialogue with Heads of UN Funds and Programmes

Mr. Chairman, Excellencies, Distinguished Colleagues,

1. I have the honour of delivering this statement on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS). We align our remarks with those delivered by the Representative of Thailand on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.

2. We would like to thank the panelists for the informative comments on lessons learnt in the implementation of the GA Resolution 67/226 and on the requirements of 2030 Agenda for greater coherence in the UN development system. In this regard we would like to direct your attention to a few comments and questions.

3. Firstly, the SAMOA Pathway, on the sustainable development priorities for Small Island Developing States was adopted in 2014, and effectively integrated into the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The SAMOA Pathway called on the UN system "to support SIDS in their efforts to implement national sustainable development strategies and programs, by incorporating SIDS priorities and activities into their relevant strategic and programmatic frameworks, including through the UNDAF, at both national and regional levels in line with their mandates and overall priorities" (paragraph 116). In subsequent paragraphs it also called on the UN system to "improve inter-and intra-regional cooperation and collaboration among SIDS, including where appropriate, through institutional mechanisms and capacity building" (paragraph 117c)

4. How have these calls been translated through to action, within the current models of delivering operational activities at the national level? What institutional mechanisms have been put in place to improve inter and intra-regional cooperation among SIDS, especially important as SIDS countries are spread across four regional commissions of the UN?

5. Secondly, SIDS countries have presented unique opportunities for service delivery at the national level including existing and forthcoming plans to introduce regional UNDAFs within SIDS Regions. We note that the Secretary General's report on the implementation of the GA resolution 67/226, reports that in the context of the single multi-country UNDAF for the Pacific Island Countries and Territories "the approach needs to reviewed as a process...as it was perceived to be less helpful by programme countries as well as entities of the UN system".

6. It would be helpful to hear the panel's views on this model of service delivery, especially with the increased requirements of the 2030 Agenda, the SAMOA Pathway, as well as other development frameworks, at the national level.

Thank you.



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