Statement by

Ms. Aminath Guraisha, First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of the Maldives to the United Nations

at the Plenary meeting on Revitalization of the Work of the General Assembly


Thank you, Mr. President,

My delegation wishes to express its sincere gratitude to Her Excellency Egriselda López, Permanent Representative of El Salvador and His Excellency Mitch Fifield, the former Permanent Representative of Australia for their exceptional leadership shown as Co-Chairs of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revitalization of the Work of the General Assembly during the seventy-seventh

Mr. President,

Today, the role of the United Nations in the international arena is more relevant than ever, as we are confronted by a multitude of peace and security It is imperative that the United Nations stands committed "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war" as outlined in the first very words of the UN Charter. It is equally crucial that the body maintains its reputation as the centre point of multilateral engagement that fosters peaceful dialogue and maintains global stability.

Mr. President,

We convene here today in the most challenging of times. Our global community is currently bearing witness to a heartbreaking humanitarian tragedy, one that has left our brothers and sisters in Palestine suffering in deep pain and And as we stand in solidarity with Palestine, we are disappointed, by the Security Council’s inability to hold countries accountable and find a definitive solution to the most pressing peace and security situations.

In this reality, the Maldives believes that the role played by the General Assembly and its moral authority has become far more critical in defending the principles of the UN Charter and in strengthening a rules-based multilateral

It is the General Assembly, that lies at the heart of the United Nations to empower all Member States, by serving as the principal representative It is the organ where all countries, regardless of their size or strength, enjoy equal opportunities to voice their concerns and actively contribute to policy formulation and deliberations on global affairs.

Mr. President,

Amid growing criticism of inaction by the Security Council, this Assembly re-convened its Tenth Emergency Special Session last month, where a landmark resolution was adopted urging to take resolute action to halt the violence against innocent Palestinian civilians. This resolution, which my delegation was proud to co-sponsor, urges for an immediate, enduring, and sustainable humanitarian truce in Gaza. Pursuant to the "Uniting for Peace" resolution, 120 Member States rallied behind this Building upon this Assembly's efforts, we call upon the Security Council to unite and act decisively to uphold its primary mandate under the Charter- the maintenance of international peace and security.

Last year, with 83 Member States, we also co-sponsored another significant resolution to hold the permanent members of the Security Council accountable for their use of the This resolution reaffirms the General Assembly's authority, ensures it can demand debate on crucial issues amidst Security Council inaction, and reinforces the United Nations' credibility and the efficacy of the multilateral system.

Mr. President,

The Maldives firmly believes that enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the General Assembly is crucial to bolstering the legitimacy of the United Nations and the multilateral To this end, the revitalization of the General Assembly's operations stands as a key element in the broader reform agenda of the United Nations.

We welcome the efforts to reinforce synergy, coherence, and complementarity between the agendas of the Assembly and its Main Committees, and the Economic and Social Council and its subsidiary We also support the regular interaction and enhanced coordination between the Presidents of the General Assembly, the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council and encourage the continuation of this practice.

Yet, we acknowledge that there remains much to be accomplished in the revitalization Numerous resolutions are repeated annually, often with minimal substantive changes and lacking effective mechanisms to evaluate their execution. As emphasized in the Secretary-General's 'Our Common Agenda,' our primary emphasis should be on implementing existing resolutions. In light of this, there is a pressing need to trim down and simplify the content and quantity of resolutions. We should persist in our commitment to adopt a biennial approach and streamline resolutions, which would enable us to allocate resources more efficiently toward addressing urgent priorities, notably the tangible steps required to attain the Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. President,

Gender equality and inclusivity are core values of the Maldives, and we express our strong support and appreciation for the consistent and dedicated efforts aimed at achieving gender balance and ensuring equitable geographical representation in the appointment of Chairs and Bureau Members of the Main Committee, as well as among invited speakers and

My delegation firmly supports the continued practice of appointing co-chairs or co- facilitators, with one representative each from developed and developing nations, to ensure balanced representation and equity in our collaborative By ensuring that individuals from various regions and backgrounds have this opportunity, we can tap into a wider range of perspectives, expertise, and experiences.

Further, this commitment to diversity not only enhances the organization's credibility but also serves as a model for promoting inclusivity and gender equality on a global scale. While the Maldives welcomes the notable progress made in the selection and appointment process of the Secretary-General, there is much work to be In this regard, Member States must consider nominating more women for this crucial post. The time is ripe for the United Nations to have a female Secretary-General.

Mr. President, to conclude,

It has been more than three decades since the revitalization of the General Assembly was first placed on our Assembly's agenda. My delegation recognizes the progress achieved in revitalizing the General Assembly's work to Nevertheless, as Member States, it is incumbent upon us to continue our contributions to the revitalization of this paramount policy-making body within the world's truly universal global organization.

The Maldives stands ready to actively engage in all initiatives aimed at reforming the United Nations and reinvigorating the spirit of

I thank you.