Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid today participated in the High-level Debate on Urban Safety, Security and Good Governance: Making Crime Prevention a Priority for All.

In his statement, Minister Shahid called for Governments to address the conditions that lead to crimes, by identifying what needs to be changed though means of a holistic and strategic approach. He also highlighted the importance of juvenile justice and good governance, as means to tackle crime. Furthermore, Minister emphasized the need for youth engagement in meaningful ways, while also preventing children from getting involved in criminal activities.

Minister Shahid elaborated on the measures taken by the current Administration of President Solih in preventing crimes and guaranteeing protection through a renewed focus on good governance, rule of law and reforming the judiciary. He also reiterated the involvement and support needed from the communities in tackling crime.

The debate was organized by the President of the United Nations General Assembly, with the objective of providing Member States with the opportunity to discuss the need to and ways in which to prioritize safety and security, while considering how organized and transnational crimes exploit and intensify local vulnerabilities.